Timothy Lambert

I formed Wildgrass Consulting in August of 2020.  Wildgrass Consulting provides services in leadership and strategic advice in ethics and public health, risk assessment, risk management and risk communication.

I have strong knowledge of regulatory processes and the practical challenges with meeting regulatory requirements.  I have experience working with many diverse communities and stakeholder groups.

For the past 23 years I have been employed in public health and environmental health.

I spent 13 years as Executive Director of Health Protection branch, with the B.C. Ministry of Health.  I had a broad portfolio in public health addressing food safety, source and drinking water protection, on-site sewerage, air quality, industrial camps and temporary foreign workers, climate change, and industrial development.  I managed a team of thirty people.

As Executive Director, I had administrative responsibility for a number Acts and Regulations and in particular the Public Health Act and the Drinking Water Protection Act.  

For six years (2014-2020), I was the health co-chair of the Federal Provincial and Territorial Health and Agriculture Food Safety Committee.  As co=chair I led the establishment of the National Food Safety Strategic Framework.  

Prior to joining the BC government, I was employed for 10 years (1998-2008) with the Calgary Health Region Environmental Health program as Manager of Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Management.

I have held adjunct positions with University of British Columbia, School of Environmental Health and University of Calgary, Department of Community Health Sciences.  

I received a BSc. in biochemistry from the University of Calgary in 1989.  I received a MSc. in environmental science and engineering from the University of Alberta.  My MSc. research focused on the blue-green algae microcystin toxins; I evaluated their presence and removal from drinking water.  I received my Ph.D. in Public Health Science from the University of Alberta in 1998.  My dissertation focussed on developing a theoretical perspective for ethics and public health practice, called relational ethics, with particular focus on risk communication, science and risk assessment.