Operators' Walkthrough Lab

The Operators’ Walkthrough Lab (OWL) was created through a partnership with Community Circle on Scaling Business Innovation for Humanity, a nonprofit center of excellence dedicated to fostering innovative solutions for drinking water quality and community health in Indigenous and non-urban communities, and Indigenous Services Canada.

OWL is a next-gen training platform designed to convey a real-world understanding of drinking water disinfection approaches for these communities, including system design and operation, as well as a fundamental understanding of the importance of clean water to community health and quality of life.

Our industry collaborating partner, Transform Interactive, has compiled and built the platform using Unity. OWL works on smartphones (iOS and Android), as well as Windows and Mac computers.

Who is OWL for?

OWL is an educational tool designed for communities and youth, water operators and those interested in water operations, professional associations, educational institutions and students, and regulatory agencies who require a fundamental understanding of drinking water disinfection and how water-health affects community health.

What are OWL’s learning objectives?

  • Increase awareness of and confidence in water systems among community members
  • Activate and empower communities and networks of individuals to improve community health via water infrastructure and other improvements
  • Inform and prepare students graduating into the water industry about technology, required mathematics, regulations and the importance of water-health
  • Skills development and training for building local economies
  • Remote water system technical assistance and trouble-shooting [in the future]
  • Inform governments and NGOs on challenges involved with water treatment in small communities
  • Provide access to relevant programs, resources and funding from all levels of government

Download OWL here:

For Windows

Mac version special instructions as follows:

1) The default 'Archiver Utility' un-zipper breaks the app, so download and install 'The Unarchiver' from app store. Then right click (or control+left click), select 'Open with' and click 'The Unarchiver'.

2) Once it unzips, open the .app and you will get a warning message. Click 'OK' and then right click (or control+left click) on the .app, and click 'Open'. You will get another warning message, you can click 'Open' and the app will open.

3) Once you do this once, you can simply just click double-click the app and it will open normally

For Inquiries please email: connect@communitycircle.org