Keyvan Maleki

Over the last 30 years, my curiosity enabled me to participate in significant technology transformation projects involving highly disciplined corporations in diverse sectors, finance & banking, automotive, robotics, railway transportation, consulting engineering, education, sport, water sanitation & health, in the UK, Italy, the USA, and Canada.

In the last 13 years, my focus has been on leveling the playing field of innovation for rural and Indigenous communities through incremental transformation of the problem-solving and decision-making cycle.  

I am an information technologist (specialization in artificial intelligence from Imperial College London, UK), with subsequent studies and expertise in customer-focused innovation and business administration. I have a diploma in neurophysics - object recognition by man and machine from ICTP/SISSA, Italy. I held a faculty position in the computer science department at the University of Phoenix, Sacramento, and the Bay Area in California. In addition, I served as a Research Associate at the School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK. I coached tennis and directed junior tennis programs in Italy, California, and the Pacific Northwest as an athlete.